Have you ever dreamt of visiting a fairytale city with colorful buildings, high mountains, blue lakes and swımmıng swans? Then you should definitely go to Hallstatt, the city of comfort, peace and beauty!

It may seem that there is nothing of interest in this tiny city with the population less than 1000 people, but after the trip, you will change your mind. Every year, millions of tourists come here to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Alpen Mountains, lakes, and cozy houses. Being one of the oldest settlements in Europe, Hallstatt was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists in 1997.

During 1,5 hour tour with the professional guide, you will learn a lot of curious facts about the city, which is known for it’s salt industry. The tour guide will also show you Beinhaus, a beautiful Catholic Church with a Gothic altar and a small stone crypt. This is unusual, but very characteristic for this place construction; because of the limited area in the cemetery until 1983, the bones of the deceased were excavated from the ground and moved here after a certain time. Until now, you can see rows of skulls on the upper shelves (marked in a special way: women decorated with floral motifs, me with leaves of oak or ivy) and other bones. The tour ends at the market square where you can feel the spirit of old Hallstatt and have a dinner in a nice café or restaurant.

Moreover, the ErasBus team kindly recommends taking a cruise across Hallstatt Lake during your free time. Hallstatt is such an unbelievably spectacular place that even the Chinese decided to create a copy of this ancient salt mine city with mountains and lake. However, the replica can’t be compared to the unique charm of the original one, and that is why many tourists from China come to Austria to visit the real Hallstatt.

Last but not least, the ErasBus team prepared a photo scavenger hunt city-game with a 50 Euro prize. The groups (2-4 members) have to take photos with the sights on their task list. To get bonus points they need to take a photo with three strangers or a member of the ErasBus team, record a video while the team dances in the public place or sing with a stranger.

5 things to do in Hallstatt according to ErasBus team:

  1. Take a trip on boat;

  2. Overlook the city from the footbridge Skywalk;

  3. Try local lake fish and beer;

  4. Take a lot of photos on the background of picturesque landscapes (ErasBus professional photographer will take them for you!).

  5. Forget about all problems, relax and enjoy the nature.

    Olena Petelko

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